Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Tortoise Begining....

Growing up running and I did not mix well together.

Tortoise Background 101: Da' SPORTS, the early years...

Soccer~I played for a couple of seasons and was placed as a defender, as well you guessed it, I was not a fast runner. Again only a couple of season on this sport, I didn't last long...

Baseball~I was right handed and my dear father taught my brother and I how to hit left handed, since that's what he knew, and well its two steps closer to 1st Base. Now as one of the only girls in a boys league for numerous years, I quickly learned hitting that ball late, hard and far was my ticket! (some background if you care -  left hander's generally hit towards first base and as young boys they assume - she's just a girl, she can't hit that far). Indeed these skills improved my attempts getting me to 1st base, cause yet again running is not my bag of skills.

Volleyball~ My most favorite sport, I was introduced to this game in middle school. For two years I played several teams, school and travel. When High School came about, I was encouraged that the JV team was in my future. My luck however well ran out, and why well of course running. The coaches rules- if I wanted to make JV I had to run a mile in under 10 minutes. What?? D'oh!- I ended up feeling like I was going to DIE, huffing and puffing, my face was a complete tomato with white blotches everywhere, my heart was completely beating out of my chest. When the disaster was all over I crossed that finish line in over 10 minutes and I was allowed to join the Freshman team.Though I didn't make JV, our Freshman team was such a great experience, and I was looking forward to the next year....Fast forward to Sophomore year, again it was time for the one mile run test. Yes you guessed it same 'old  aspect, felt like I was going to die, couldn't breathe, heart was pumping like crazy - my time over 10 minutes. (Blerg!) After talking to the coaches, I sank like a submarine, the sport I loved and I was not allowed to play. I was discouraged and had to walk away.

Golf~YES, this was a sport I could most certainly handle. Hit the ball far and walk after it... Of course this was not the only aspect of the game but finally a game I could definitely handle with NO RUNNING! I played through out the rest of my High School years...

Running? ~ Ha it was easy to stay away from for the past 20 some odd years... But wait what is this calling in my head? Hello self are you kidding me you are desiring to be a Runner?!? Wha???

A great question self; thank you.

So the background to the madness, it all starts with being blessed to have wonderful friends in my life. Just by chance, I was invited in a completely last minute attempt to join in on a 5K run. I did not have time to really even think about what I was committing to. On the evening of November 10, 2012 with no official run training (except my general gym use); I completed in jog/walking effort the 2.89 mile course in 36:23mintes. Finishing in all the excitement around me, it felt unbelievably amazing and I admit I was hooked! When was the next adventure!! (this is not a full 5K length, but that was the course and what my Nike+Running App tracked)

I am looking forward to sharing my running adventures, with you y'all. I may not be the fastest, ever rank, but I am steady, and determined to find that finish line, and wheres the bling! To help me along the way I have decided to start this blog, to which I feel appropriately named A Tortoise on the Run.

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