Sunday, March 24, 2013

FireFly 5K Dallas Race Recap

Saturday morning was looking pretty cold and drizzly!
So the rain had come down hard in the last 6 hours; and I awoke slowly to hearing that both my kids baseball and soccer games cancelled for the day due to storms and wet weather. I was a little bummed as this would have been my sons first baseball game of the season; and my daughter has been working hard at her goal keeping skills and I love watching both of them in action... well it will have to wait for another day.
Instead I then took advantage of sleeping in and enjoying the non-rushed aspects of the day, and focus on getting ready to run...

Yep rain was a possibility in the future again for the evening, so yes just like their FB post I and several of my friends that were going were keeping our fingers crossed for the rain to stay away!

I got my outfit all squared away - Newton Running shoes, KT Tape for my knee, Halo Headband, Swiftwick compression socks; B.A. Socks went over the top of those; Firefly goodies --what was missing from this photo was my Nike running long sleeved shirt and bright green Jacket that I decided to wear - it was going to be cold!
I arrived with my running possy as they had opened up parking. The show was starting at 8:30pm; and me being a lets just get their and relax kind of person; kindly convinced to car pool and get their by 6:15pm. And besides there was some great folks out there passing out goodies! WE love to hoard as many as we can get of course!
Sign Photo ops!
Yes, Yes we are B.A Momma's
Photo op of the running possy.
So now lets get our WARMTH and glow on baby!
Halo of Glow Sticks - CHECK!
Green thermal jacket-CHECK!
Number of Changes of Clothing - ahh I Lost count!
As you can now see one of my running friends Catie here has my White Nike Jacket underneath, Sarah is wearing her purple sweater, and yes my green jacket -- waiting to start this race umm yeah we were cold!
<oh and that brightness in the lower middle of the photo - armbands from Firefly>
 How fun right?!?
So after their light show we were off - sorry no photos my phone was locked and loaded in my armband to get a good opportunity. Granted it prob would not have come out right anyway.
Over the P.A. system I could hear a gal stating flat course and I got excited; maybe I'll PR with no hills! At 8:30pm and count down started and two lines of thousands of people converged around the bend and to the starting line. So for the first slow first tenth of a mile it just getting out of crowds and attempting to find a 'spot' to get myself in groove.
.25 miles - Music was keeping me going in my ears and I could finally get into a groove and not be as crowded.
.50 miles - OK finally in a groove and was keeping a 10'30'' pace feeling great!
1 mile - still going strong; one of my running buddies Sarah was next to me stating she was feel it in her calves - I'm sure from the cold weather; blerg or the slight hill we were upon - YES hill - flat course umm no not exactly.
1.4 miles - we both agreed and started walking to help her calves and I myself was feeling in in my left shin - which was new to me.
1.5 miles - we hit up running again.
1.75 miles - Yes my dreaded right knee - UGH it started to hurt I was devastated everything was feeling right and wham!
2.2 miles - I had to attempt to walk out the pain; I was so frustrated. By this time Sarah was well on her way ahead and another running pal TJ had caught up to me said a few condolences and he kept on :)
2.3 - 3.10 I was forcing myself to keep jogging as much as I could; take a few walking steps then hit it back up - Overall though I think I only ended up walking around .25-.35 miles of the entire course which was a PR for me!
3.17 miles - Finish Line! 37:43 11'52'' mil/pace 
 (shaved off a few seconds per mil from the HotCake Hustle)

Wholly geeze I was glad to be finished - what a crazy 'cheezee' i have going on here!

Post -Race - Catie and I getting our photo taken by other runners - Cross fitters even. Now to go find our posy and get some food!
OMHerd another Race for the year - CHECK! :)
Post-Post Race - oh yea next race on tap for this possy (and hopefully more)-

Weeks Workout in Review 3/17

This Weeks Workout in Review -

I started playing around with runtastic and Nike+ app's with my cardio training. Not sure which one i like best, in my opinion they both have pro's/con's. I need more time with runtastic though to give a valid opinion for now here's my weekly view -

Cardio total 19.55 miles


 #plankaday times 5/7 days counted

New foods options tried this week - both quiet delicious!

Lunch  veggie burger with extra veggies -

Berry Bowl with Flax Seed Bread and peanut butter


Well I need to focus on my Sunday chores here; tonight I'll be recapping my Firefly 5K!

Monday, March 18, 2013

St.Patricks Virtual Race 5K

Waking up yesterday morning was painful! After Crossfit class and an extra Elliptical work out on Saturday I couldn't believe what I was attempting to talk myself into... my next Virtual Race.
Number 5 of my goal of 13 in 2013.

So at around 4:30pm I finally got the 'strength' to push forward and Gett'r done! Oh boy I will say this was one of the toughest I've experienced yet.
Mile 1: 12'35" pace
   and WHAM!
Mile 2: 14'13" pace
   I was overdressed two layers (thought it was cooler temps when i took off)
   Wind flow was against me
   My body was screaming from Crossfit soreness
Mile 3.1: 14'09" pace
   Pushing myself was just not in me unfortunately and my body was begging for the finish line - (home)
Ended up finishing in one of my slowest attempts but I completed it in 42:59 with an average pace of 13'51' /mi pace. Look at my face - ugly pain - ha ha.
Now that I've finished 4 Virtual' s... my thoughts are spinning. 
The good and bad side of Virtual Races for me, these are great when I have such a huge undertaking of 13 races this year. Helps with cost and I can adjust my running dates if something comes up. I've done these alone so the pieces that make it hard for me is there are No competition; No one running beside you or around you semi pushing you (whether I know them or not). I have several Virtual still on my list maybe i'll get some friends to tag along with me on the next one...
With my Races its such a different feeling running the Hotcake Hustle or Turkey Trot in Nov '12. I love having friends and even family around me - knowing that they are at the end waiting for me to finish and the pre/post festivities for the event. Its just an unbelievable experience.
Next 5K on my radar is actually this coming Saturday! - Firefly Run

I am looking forward to this; with a huge number of friends joining my running bestie and its going to be a blast!
Now if only my muscles will corporate - soon. :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week in Review

Happy Weekend -

Week in Review time...

Please note; which I have been notorious for not doing in the past, these distances are either on an elliptical machine or walking intervals.

Planks -
Ended up only 4/7 days this week

Crossfit Saturday -

Needless to say my legs are on fire!!

For the remainder of March its looks as though signed up (accidently) for  two three 5k's  - whoa whoops! Since I have been really only working on Elliptical for training look like my body better be prepared for pavement!

Mar - Firefly Run 5K, Dallas TX*** (Mar 23)
Mar- St. Patrick's Day Virtual Race*** (Mar 15-22)
Mar - the jellybean Virtual Race*** (Mar20-31)

Maybe i'll tackle my Virtual Race tomorrow on St. Patricks Day...maybe if my legs are not sore from Crossfit today.

Monday, March 11, 2013

In a rut....

The traveling has completely impacted my mo-jo here....... ha what am I kidding I think I'm in a rut...

What I've been accountable for so far lets start off with my past cardio progress....

February ended with a total of just shy of 82 miles for the month, and March is starting strong with almost 31 miles to date..

The last week of February I just could not get in those planks - I was in a rut no doubt so March 3rd I had to start all over. I am still proud of myself since this is most definitely better then just giving up!

It has been 3 weeks since my last Cross Fit class; lets just say this morning, 2 days later, my muscles are paying for it!! I need a massage badly! :)

So this morning I have come to the painful reality; the past 4-6 months have just been terrible with food and no matter when I make good selections one day the next may be disastrous. Cardio/gym/cross fit time are easier for me to stick to then food choices. Being on this journey for so long I know food and gym time must go hand and hand. I have been in a rut  and its most frustrating, because I see the pounds creeping up again, body style visually changing in a negative direction.

Now I've done the Diet Bet thing which helped me but then once it was over I wasn't motivated to stick with it or start another month of the activity. I am a Lifetime member of WW's and though I may go 2-3 times a month its very hard for me to admit at this time in my life, I am not 100% following the program its personally getting difficult to really 'listen' and focus as I have so diligently in the past. I love going when I can to the meetings though as I have four  fabulous ladies that I have connected with. I enjoy spending time with them and hearing what's going on with their lives after our meetings.

I am in desperate need of a food head jump start or as Calvin over here lovely puts it a swift kick in the....

I have other great friends with suggestions that I've inquired into for 'help' maybe a different point of views or direction... again I don't ever wish to disassociate myself with the WW program it is what guided me in the right direction starting at 208lbs to getting me to my goal of 139lbs. I think I'm just at another cross road in my life and in need of more or added changes to boost my mind.

So far I've looked at the following~

I've seen so many wonderful ladies in the blogging world using or coaching others though their journey using the beach body products. I am currently researching still and have a few scoops to 'test' the product.

Slimming World
I have another friend who has transformed herself with this program, I see this as another point of view on eating foods - there is no - you CANT have this - in the program but its pointing you in the right directions. At a first listen of the program it may be similar to what I've done in the past however I haven't gone to a meeting yet so its not the most appropriate opinion just ideas..

Personal Training -
This would be possibly the most expensive route I foresee; but possible if I am focused on certain arrears of cardio I've heard the trainers will also influence you to eat better and suggestion options.

Reaching out to you friends, do you have any other suggestions or programs that you may have tired in the past to get you out of a rut (if you've been in one), or what has worked for you in whole??

Would love to hear from you....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Traveling again...

This week another travel adventure for business...

It never seems to feel like this ... maybe one day it will? right?

So tonight I am packing my essentials for my week long trip -

Pre-workout drink - BSN NO-Xplode, Blue Raspberry
Protein Powder - Syntrax Nectar Sweets Vanilla Bean Torte

My Favorite Nike apparel; Halo Headband, Pro Compression socks, last but not least my favorite Newton Running Shoes.

I'll be gone for about a week and I am hoping to get in at least 5 work outs in. The last business trip I was able to got to a local gym with out issues. I will be trying to post my daily accomplishments here - Time zones changes sometimes gets the best of me but I've just got to be accountable and shake things up while I'm not in my normal routine.

Now the other fun aspect; I'll be struggling on controlled food options; already I have numerous business breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings set. I don't usually take photo's of my food but I think on this trip It will be good snap shot what I've ordered to track on Weight Watchers and even isolate if this will help with my food  selections, subconsciously. (never hurts to try something new right?)

What keeps you motivated while traveling on business? Any other suggestions would be fabulous.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Week's in Review

These past couple of weeks have gone by in a blur!

Here's my two weeks in review..

Cardio has been what it steady with my daily route ~

My lovely tiff was so fabulous on Saturday the 16th - what fun is the mind when it plays tricks on you and you can not recall for the life of you what your iphone password is  (sigh). So no Nike+ tracking - making the most of it I ended up working on a cycle machine instead. something is always bettering then nothing.

I even tried to have Siri unlock my phone -- she 'should' recognize my voice no?

eh no - cause of course I got frustrated and asked 'What are you good at?" She brought this up - seriously?!?

Finally at around the afternoon hours - the light bulb in my lovely noggin' finally went off and huzzah - an unlocked phone - and i quickly changed my password to something simpler...geeze.

So what else has kept my time at bay...

My boy has bridge from Cub Scout to a Boy Scout -

....hmmm maybe we should all be wary?

Completed my 4th Race in my #13in2013 path - on the treadmill - felt good; had to pause the app though a couple times with issues with the machine it self but i kept a very slow steady pace.

Finally I was able to partake in one Crossfit class; again adoozie!

Wanna try it? Tere is a sample of what we did.