Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I did on Vacation.....

You know when your at then end of several days away from work and you reflect back on how you made the best of it? I tend to do this every Sunday night. Now with having a whole week off, I'll share a favorite moment or a few from each day.

Monday ~
After spending most of the weekend cleaning around the house I was ready for some fun and relaxation!
Where to? Why the gym of course! Spending around 2 hours with my running best'ie, with the focus of our arms, core, and 30 minutes of cardio to cool down. That afternoon we then registered for my second 5K, Double Oak Turkey Trot.


Hitting the gym early I was then in need and ready to go on a shopping trip! You see living in Texas we still have 70-80 degree weather in November, which I have so comfortably been accustomed too. When the weather was looking to be in the 50-60 degrees during the run, oh boy I had to go find some warm running shirts and ended up with a few extra's for the kids. I usually try to pick off brands clothing, however I could NOT pass up the sales/mismarked taggs (whoops) for these products.... and yes I love how they feel when I am running....

With the 5K only a day away I took a break from the gym, and headed out again for more shopping. The deals I found on the kids athletic clothing on clearance 70-85% off; yes yes and yes, I will check out another store location (and returning some selections in wrong sizes).The kids and I then enjoyed being outside with friends during the afternoon playing soccer. I love this weather!

Thursday ~ Happy Thanksgiving~
Double Oak Turkey Trot - Double Oak, TXA new tradition for myself and the kids has been found! That morning we all got up early, dressed for the weather in my new diggs' and headed out for our first Turkey Trot. My kiddo's participated in their 1 Mile Fun Run first, and I followed on my 5K trek. My goal was to run for that first mile prior to having to slow down to a walk, so what happened?

Mile 0-1: The beginning crowding, though it sounds silly to most so far it has helped me get in the groove, I don't have to sprint, just don't get ran over by those speeding by you... It was around .85 miles when it hit, the 1st hill, I didn't want to give up, I was determined to make that mile mark. It was a slight beating of a hill but still for a non-trained runner, whao!! I did it! I was elated to make that hill and was crusin' down a small hill to hit that 1 mile mark.

Mile 1-2: I pushed myself in strides of walking for .10 miles, then running for .25 as best I could. Being a family run it was nice to see numerous young kids partaking in the experience. Those poor parents though who ended up having to hold or place their kids up on their shoulders here and there - they MUST have gotten an extra work out! It felt good being able to pass folks along the way, but then I started thinking, maybe I'm not doing the right stride, maybe I should slow down my running efforts so that I can keep going for longer period of time....

Mile 2-3:2: Ok course where did all these hills come in, and wheres the water!! Yet another learning aspect for myself, if the course tell you they will have H2O only at the end of the course, I need to bring my own during my run. My throat was soo dry and I was struggling to get my breathing down. Now here was the other kicker a 5K is techincially 3.1 miles; my Nike+ application on my iPhone was humming along and alerting me that I was hitting my 3 mile mark ~where in the world was the finish line?!? Oh it was around the corner, and another .2 miles away.... I so baddly wanted to finish strong though I ended up walking for a distance the small crowds cheers started chiming in..and got me pumped enough to finish running. Seeing my kids and running best'e at the finish line I held my hands up high, cleared the finsih line - litterly crashing into them all! whooops!

So after getting cleaned up; off to my parents we went for Thanksgiving celebrations. I would say I was quite good on not plowing down on all the yummy food. After running earlier that morning I just felt like I didnt need to over endulge, and yes I didn't even have a slice of pie.... (d'oh!)

Complete rest day, I don't even think I can recall. Sorry no I try very hard to stay away from stores and the maddness. I have partaken in online shopping, but even that this year was a struggle... as such Holiday shoping continues...

Gym time, working on my shoulders and starting a new 5K training program C25K Free app for my phone. So far using this app for a couple of days, I really like it so far. They provide motivational quotes and tips before you start your program. "Clear your mind of can't" Love this! I cleared 2.53 miles on the treadmil.

Oh yes, It hit me I need to create a blog on my new adventures! So the late afternoon and some of the evening I spent creating what you see here today...

Bright and early morning indoor soccer game for my son.
Adding more 'bling' to my blog
Craft time with my daughter.
The nitch took over at about 4:30pm, I needed to hit the pavement completing 3:21 miles around the block, ended up in the dark - not my best idea. 

Lastly and unfortunately on a sad note my NFL team -  Green Bay Packers losing tonight to the NY Giants.. (I blame injuries o'plenty)

This weeks running proof and of course I welcome your comments on my dailymile page.

Ok, now I am ready for Monday (maybe), what will it bring.....


  1. My runner from another mother :) I love reading about your adventure! Keep it up. So inspiring too!! I'm smiling ear to ear as I read!! YOU GO GIRRRRL!!