Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Life throw so many interesting obstacles in our way; how you make the best of it is what matters...

My gym experiences in the last two days...

Monday I starting out on normal routines heading to the gym~ the weirdness feelings came over me; all of a sudden I just didn't have 'anything' in me. So my plan was to work on Legs and finish with 30 minutes of cardio... I couldn't believe it after only one set of a grouped five circuit I hit a hard wall. There was nothing left, so with the gym I then took advantage of the sauna to rejuvenate.

So this morning I was still not feeling 100%; I ended up avoided training my muscles;  instead just cardio with interval training for about 35 minutes on the treadmill, and yes back in the to sauna.

After talking with my running best'e - the 5K's plans are on! Unfortunately, we may have to change plans on which race we'll be participating in since I procrastinated and missed out on a great deal! (beavis!) So I hit my favorite running site to check out and select my personal top 2-3 for the months of January-March - got to register early for the deals! (gotta keep with in a monthly budget)

This search has defiantly placed me in a positive mood - I just hope I can get out of this funk and tackle arm work and cardio tomorrow...

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