Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two resting days....

Having to take the last two days off from cardio has been rough, my body is attempting to recover from a 'tough' leg work out from about 5 days ago! So instead I've been focused as you've read, on posting goals for 2013 and new challenges to be apart of. I have also been meeting and finding new and interesting bloggers to connect with. I also just today decided to kick it completely in to gear and join in -  
Run Your A$$ Off - "A friendly competition meant to inspire, drive & motivate.”
Soo with all these 'challenges' on my plate (ha) I do hope that tomorrow morning I can at least get on the treadmill or elliptical for 2-3 miles (last effort of 2012). Completing then 75+ miles in December, and 145 (since restarting to use Nike+ app on my phone - September 2012). Granted my efforts will be slow and steady so that I do not cause more harm to my legs, but hey something is better then none, right?
My first run of the 2013 Hotcake Hustle, is only 13 days away and I am excited and praying that by then  these muscle pain/issues will be relieved by then! I have two great friends and our kids going so it will be so much fun for all! Looking forward to even seeing and meeting new fellow runners that are apart of the #13in2013 group members too!
Lastly -
This past week  I started keeping track of  my #plankadays for accountability here we go :)


Friday, December 28, 2012

January 'extra' challenge...

Quick Quick extra fun post ---

So honestly I love finding new inspirational bloggers. Ever since I joined the #13in2013 challenge, yes ONLY just two days ago I am finding additional 'fun' ways to involve myself into starting this next year off in full throttle!
Check this out and sign up on January 1st!

13 Goals/Challenges for 2013

Well if need any more motivation about this upcoming year - here it is!

Based on Chinese Horoscopes, I was born during year of Snake, and this is 'my' persay year! HA.
Shall I say M o t i v a t i o n  - its time for me to make the best of this next year!

My 13 Goals/Challenges for 2013

  1. Take on 13 5K races in 2013 - 13 in 2013 Challenge!
  2. #plankaday challenge
  3. Run a mile in under 9:30.
  4. Drink a fresh made 'Juice' at least 4-5 times a week.
  5. 100 pushup challenge
  6. Challenge to get my kids more involved with my running and having them participate in the 'fun runs'
  7. Create a healthier food environment for my family
  8. Take on at least one 10K run
  9. Break down my 'wall' that I can't do it and enjoy running for fun/therapy.
  10. Get 100% back to my original 'goal' weight
  11. Body fat challenge - get between 21-24% (Healthy/Ideal)
  12. Motivate someone else in your life to a healthier lifestyle
  13. Reward myself this year - for each mini goal accomplished.
What will you do this year??

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 My Year to "Keep Moving Foward"

A new year approaches and its time to set in motion a 'first' for me actually set and be accountable for my Goals and wished accomplishments.

2013 Motto ~ Keep Moving Forward

So today I am sharing my 2013 Running Goals~ Lucky 13, as they say?

This year I am challenging myself to participate in 13 5K's though out this year. 13 in 2013 Challenge!
Below I am marking them down and I'll be updating my Races & Results tab as each race pass or a change in the race outlined.

1. Jan -  Hotcake Hustle 5K, Dallas TX*
2. Feb - Texas Half 5K, Dallas Tx**
3. Mar - Firefly Run 5K, Dallas TX**
4. Apr - The Color Run, Dallas TX**
4. April - 5KFoamfest, Dallas TX**
5. May - Open
6. Jun - Run for your Lives 5K, South Forney, TX** 
7. Jul - To Hot to Handle, Dallas TX**
8. Aug - The Hottest Half 10K, Dallas TX** (maybe, it gets HOT in TX!)
9. Sept - Open
10.Oct - Open
11. Nov - Turkey Trot, Double Oak TX**
12. Dec - Open
13. Open

**Tentative/Need to Register.

If anyone else wants to join in the challenge you could even win some great prizes along the way! Check this page out. (note must sign up before 12/31/2012).

Up next 13 Goals for 2013...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas and what the day after brings...

The children are all tucked into bed and I get to settle down and reminisce over the last 48 hours....

First off I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas Day with family.

Ours was an adventure-

Santa came indeed.. selecting several bites of our favorite cookies and drinking all of his milk.

The kids where more then excited to get down these stairs!

And the unwrapped with glee....

Expressions of craziness filled the morning cheer...

The snow fairy came after sending away lighting and thunder storm boys playing from earlier in the day.... Creating a light White Christmas glow...

It was a most magical day for our family...

The Day After Christmas...
So this morning with the light snow upon the ground and all the rain from earlier in the day it was quite icy out there to venture out to the gym and burn off those much needed caloric intake from the day before....

So instead of staying on my normal gym routine I stayed home while the kids played in the snow/ice for a bit and then enjoyed playing with new presents and card games during the early afternoon.

Now by 2:00pm the ice was mostly gone from the neighborhood streets, (another reason why I like living here, we may have snow or ice once a year, and the roads clear up quickly once the sun shines down) and I was itching to get out to the gym. After an hour of prepping and getting my gym buddy/kick my tookas in gear lady, it was time to get busy and burn some calories..

Todays battle "LEGS" Obstacle course craziness!
Superset - 3 times
15 - Squats (weighted)
Lunges across the room (weighted)
15 - Toss then catch the weighted ball in a squat position
15 - Kettle ball through the legs squat
15 - Dead Lifts (weighted)
10 - Trap Lifts (weighted)
15 - Pushups
30 sec to 1 min plank #plankaday!

REST 1 -2 mins and start again...

Leg Extensions-to-the-death!
Starting at a heavy weight as many as possible, next rep lower 20 lbs and complete as many as possible, next rep lower again and repeat. (my legs where JELLO!)

Stretching (ahhh yes) for about 10-15 mins

Finally hit the Elliptical machine
32 minutes completing 2.75 miles.

Total time at the gym was 2+ hours. My legs already feel like I'll be wobbling down the stairs! LOL

Tomorrow I plan on (legs barring) getting in during my normal morning hours, maybe just come cardio like Elliptical machine again since its not as tough on my knees.

I leave you with this cute new photo of our new kittens playing today in our 'fake' Christmas Tree - yep they are adorable... :)


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Where in the World....

WOW what in the world has been going on? I have been so ridiculously busy these past few weeks its not funny. I have not been the best 'here' - not good!

Working, Traveling, Kids, Family, trying to just stay a float! (I'm sure we've all done that and have been there).

I keep yelling at myself that no matter what is going on I've got to get back on track. HA! sure sure now with the holiday season right smack in our faces its been a grueling task.

Being too tired to lets find quick fixes or go out to eat (not the healthiest options)
  • Not getting in 7-8 hours of sleep - takes a toll on me
  • New Family members in the house (will show you below)...
  • Changes in the 'normal' routines with family members inbound, and kids home from school - don't get me wrong its a fabulous family time - just hard to keep on track.
I do not care of the little voice in my head 'oh don't worry on January 1st I'll get back on track.' Honestly it never really works, no matter what I need to stay accountable for my actions of staying healthy. I've been a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member since March of 2011; its funny how once you get there it 'should' be easier right? No way no how, in some respects I feel like its even harder to make sure that I am with in 2lbs of my goal weight so that I keep my membership benefits.  Life has a lovely way of impacting and getting in the way, making it harder.

Now about the only thing I have been able to keep on track has been my work out routines--
Dailymile tracking December 8th - December 21st -
(yes this site rocks you can even befriend others to help stay accountable!)

ooo and on another 'run' note I at least got an opportunity to again sign myself, friends and kids up for our next 5k & Fun runs --

I can not wait to pound the pavement again with my kids and friends... at The Hotcake Hustle. WHO doesn't want Hotcakes after a nice run, (wait don't ask my son though he just said 'no').

This time we've added more kids and friends which will make it even better!!

Alright Back ON Track - here I come....

Yes as promised 'our' new additions to the family - oh so cute they are....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Busy Bee

This past week has been a total work blurrrrrrr. I was hoping to have a moment here or there to breathe alias not so much.

So since my last post I was able to get in almost every morning -

3.25 miles  jog/walk

1.5 miles jog/walk

1.5 miles jog/walk

2.25 elliptical

Thursday & Friday
Day's off

5.0 miles elliptical

I was able to make sound choices for breakfasts consisting of a Banana Choco Chip VitaTops 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 cup of blackberries & 1/2 cup of blueberries.

Unfortunately most food choices for lunch and dinners where not as health wise, best not to fully share, after stepping on the scale on my last day of travels. d'oh!!

Tomorrow starts another day.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Running Inspriation

Today has been full of inspiration...

Several close friends participated in marathons this weekend, I am beyond amazed with their determination and ability to complete such a huge undertaking. I am no way near running anything near that distance, but their posts are a definite motivation.

Indeed I continue in my journey in small baby steps.

My running best'e always amazes me with her great finishes; I may be 10 minutes behind her but I know at the end she'll be right there waiting to cheer me on. :)

With the option to see flash results it was amazing seeing how my good friend was doing during the California International Marathon.

Another friend was kind enough to make sure I knew all about the end of that really long rainbow was BLING!

Someday - maybe someday...

So what did I end up doing today with friends running their hearts out?
 It was a little different being away from my home gym in Texas, but after a few minutes and checking out the 3 floors of gym equipment I found my favorite pieces and got right to work. My combination was hitting arm work super sets for 30 minutes, with a 3.25 mile run/walk and finally relaxing, stretching out my legs in the sauna.

After the clean up work, I spent the afternoon with a bunch of crazy Packer Fans; which is experience in it self. LOL (A Green Bay Packer Fan by marriage but have taken the responsibility full on).
Hit the shopping experience traveling around town to find my protein powders - was not in such luck but did find individual packets of Vega One to try this week. Then the joys of a favorite store that I don't have locally - Trader Joe's. Always interesting finds.

And just for the fun of it  to share my "yesterdays" photo of the day - at the Oregon Coast.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don't Panic

Every few months or so my employer will need me to travel back to their corporate office in Oregon... and this Friday I am heading off again for a week.

Tonight I'm trying to organize, pack, prepare for 4 hour plane ride, and yes glanced over at the weather channel app. Oh my from Dallas warmer climate to- rain o rain. (Don't Panic self, you lived in the rain for 30 years prior to moving to Texas)

Ok lets refocus on exercise options...On these trips I got in numerous walk/jogs around the neighborhood of my accommodations at (o'dark, thirty) 5:30am Pacific.
This acclimated Texas girl no longer own rain gear, hmmm going to have to find alternatives. (Don't Panic, you have a gym membership to a national chain).

..and what do I find, Oh yes, only 7 min car ride away is a new 24Hour Fitness location.. Whooohoo!
I really hope I can get into that gym 5 times this next week to attempt some 'normalcy.'

So about four months ago my poor Fitbit took an unfortunate journey though the washer and dryer. I let it dry, and was able to sync it, it was a crack up that I had burned 1900 calories in the hour cycles! However after that sync it just died, again poor thing.. (Don't Panic)

What luck today yes another new toy to help me with my maintenance of my weight.. I did like my Fitbit but I want more data to help me isolate what whole/complete workout routines work best for my body. Today  arrived my new Bodymedia Armband. I am excited to start using this! Next week will be completely off kilter, so anything this little tool can help me with I am all for it.

With out having a device per say pushing me with data recaps - I've been in a slump with weight gain slowly but surely creeping up upon me.  I know that with making changes in my workout routines; adding in weight training. I don't believe that I was really burning enough calories. I hope this gadget will help me to push my self harder. (love new gadgets)

Gym time Work out today -
Leg time (short) - supersets, 12 count, 3 times
Box Squat
Leg Extentions
Seated Calf Raise
Standing Calf Raise

Cardio -
RUN 11/29/12 2.1 mi 00:30

Alright then I must head back to finalizing all my packing goodies, and getting my self to bed!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Life throw so many interesting obstacles in our way; how you make the best of it is what matters...

My gym experiences in the last two days...

Monday I starting out on normal routines heading to the gym~ the weirdness feelings came over me; all of a sudden I just didn't have 'anything' in me. So my plan was to work on Legs and finish with 30 minutes of cardio... I couldn't believe it after only one set of a grouped five circuit I hit a hard wall. There was nothing left, so with the gym I then took advantage of the sauna to rejuvenate.

So this morning I was still not feeling 100%; I ended up avoided training my muscles;  instead just cardio with interval training for about 35 minutes on the treadmill, and yes back in the to sauna.

After talking with my running best'e - the 5K's plans are on! Unfortunately, we may have to change plans on which race we'll be participating in since I procrastinated and missed out on a great deal! (beavis!) So I hit my favorite running site to check out and select my personal top 2-3 for the months of January-March - got to register early for the deals! (gotta keep with in a monthly budget)

This search has defiantly placed me in a positive mood - I just hope I can get out of this funk and tackle arm work and cardio tomorrow...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I did on Vacation.....

You know when your at then end of several days away from work and you reflect back on how you made the best of it? I tend to do this every Sunday night. Now with having a whole week off, I'll share a favorite moment or a few from each day.

Monday ~
After spending most of the weekend cleaning around the house I was ready for some fun and relaxation!
Where to? Why the gym of course! Spending around 2 hours with my running best'ie, with the focus of our arms, core, and 30 minutes of cardio to cool down. That afternoon we then registered for my second 5K, Double Oak Turkey Trot.


Hitting the gym early I was then in need and ready to go on a shopping trip! You see living in Texas we still have 70-80 degree weather in November, which I have so comfortably been accustomed too. When the weather was looking to be in the 50-60 degrees during the run, oh boy I had to go find some warm running shirts and ended up with a few extra's for the kids. I usually try to pick off brands clothing, however I could NOT pass up the sales/mismarked taggs (whoops) for these products.... and yes I love how they feel when I am running....

With the 5K only a day away I took a break from the gym, and headed out again for more shopping. The deals I found on the kids athletic clothing on clearance 70-85% off; yes yes and yes, I will check out another store location (and returning some selections in wrong sizes).The kids and I then enjoyed being outside with friends during the afternoon playing soccer. I love this weather!

Thursday ~ Happy Thanksgiving~
Double Oak Turkey Trot - Double Oak, TXA new tradition for myself and the kids has been found! That morning we all got up early, dressed for the weather in my new diggs' and headed out for our first Turkey Trot. My kiddo's participated in their 1 Mile Fun Run first, and I followed on my 5K trek. My goal was to run for that first mile prior to having to slow down to a walk, so what happened?

Mile 0-1: The beginning crowding, though it sounds silly to most so far it has helped me get in the groove, I don't have to sprint, just don't get ran over by those speeding by you... It was around .85 miles when it hit, the 1st hill, I didn't want to give up, I was determined to make that mile mark. It was a slight beating of a hill but still for a non-trained runner, whao!! I did it! I was elated to make that hill and was crusin' down a small hill to hit that 1 mile mark.

Mile 1-2: I pushed myself in strides of walking for .10 miles, then running for .25 as best I could. Being a family run it was nice to see numerous young kids partaking in the experience. Those poor parents though who ended up having to hold or place their kids up on their shoulders here and there - they MUST have gotten an extra work out! It felt good being able to pass folks along the way, but then I started thinking, maybe I'm not doing the right stride, maybe I should slow down my running efforts so that I can keep going for longer period of time....

Mile 2-3:2: Ok course where did all these hills come in, and wheres the water!! Yet another learning aspect for myself, if the course tell you they will have H2O only at the end of the course, I need to bring my own during my run. My throat was soo dry and I was struggling to get my breathing down. Now here was the other kicker a 5K is techincially 3.1 miles; my Nike+ application on my iPhone was humming along and alerting me that I was hitting my 3 mile mark ~where in the world was the finish line?!? Oh it was around the corner, and another .2 miles away.... I so baddly wanted to finish strong though I ended up walking for a distance the small crowds cheers started chiming in..and got me pumped enough to finish running. Seeing my kids and running best'e at the finish line I held my hands up high, cleared the finsih line - litterly crashing into them all! whooops!

So after getting cleaned up; off to my parents we went for Thanksgiving celebrations. I would say I was quite good on not plowing down on all the yummy food. After running earlier that morning I just felt like I didnt need to over endulge, and yes I didn't even have a slice of pie.... (d'oh!)

Complete rest day, I don't even think I can recall. Sorry no I try very hard to stay away from stores and the maddness. I have partaken in online shopping, but even that this year was a struggle... as such Holiday shoping continues...

Gym time, working on my shoulders and starting a new 5K training program C25K Free app for my phone. So far using this app for a couple of days, I really like it so far. They provide motivational quotes and tips before you start your program. "Clear your mind of can't" Love this! I cleared 2.53 miles on the treadmil.

Oh yes, It hit me I need to create a blog on my new adventures! So the late afternoon and some of the evening I spent creating what you see here today...

Bright and early morning indoor soccer game for my son.
Adding more 'bling' to my blog
Craft time with my daughter.
The nitch took over at about 4:30pm, I needed to hit the pavement completing 3:21 miles around the block, ended up in the dark - not my best idea. 

Lastly and unfortunately on a sad note my NFL team -  Green Bay Packers losing tonight to the NY Giants.. (I blame injuries o'plenty)

This weeks running proof and of course I welcome your comments on my dailymile page.

Ok, now I am ready for Monday (maybe), what will it bring.....

A Tortoise Begining....

Growing up running and I did not mix well together.

Tortoise Background 101: Da' SPORTS, the early years...

Soccer~I played for a couple of seasons and was placed as a defender, as well you guessed it, I was not a fast runner. Again only a couple of season on this sport, I didn't last long...

Baseball~I was right handed and my dear father taught my brother and I how to hit left handed, since that's what he knew, and well its two steps closer to 1st Base. Now as one of the only girls in a boys league for numerous years, I quickly learned hitting that ball late, hard and far was my ticket! (some background if you care -  left hander's generally hit towards first base and as young boys they assume - she's just a girl, she can't hit that far). Indeed these skills improved my attempts getting me to 1st base, cause yet again running is not my bag of skills.

Volleyball~ My most favorite sport, I was introduced to this game in middle school. For two years I played several teams, school and travel. When High School came about, I was encouraged that the JV team was in my future. My luck however well ran out, and why well of course running. The coaches rules- if I wanted to make JV I had to run a mile in under 10 minutes. What?? D'oh!- I ended up feeling like I was going to DIE, huffing and puffing, my face was a complete tomato with white blotches everywhere, my heart was completely beating out of my chest. When the disaster was all over I crossed that finish line in over 10 minutes and I was allowed to join the Freshman team.Though I didn't make JV, our Freshman team was such a great experience, and I was looking forward to the next year....Fast forward to Sophomore year, again it was time for the one mile run test. Yes you guessed it same 'old  aspect, felt like I was going to die, couldn't breathe, heart was pumping like crazy - my time over 10 minutes. (Blerg!) After talking to the coaches, I sank like a submarine, the sport I loved and I was not allowed to play. I was discouraged and had to walk away.

Golf~YES, this was a sport I could most certainly handle. Hit the ball far and walk after it... Of course this was not the only aspect of the game but finally a game I could definitely handle with NO RUNNING! I played through out the rest of my High School years...

Running? ~ Ha it was easy to stay away from for the past 20 some odd years... But wait what is this calling in my head? Hello self are you kidding me you are desiring to be a Runner?!? Wha???

A great question self; thank you.

So the background to the madness, it all starts with being blessed to have wonderful friends in my life. Just by chance, I was invited in a completely last minute attempt to join in on a 5K run. I did not have time to really even think about what I was committing to. On the evening of November 10, 2012 with no official run training (except my general gym use); I completed in jog/walking effort the 2.89 mile course in 36:23mintes. Finishing in all the excitement around me, it felt unbelievably amazing and I admit I was hooked! When was the next adventure!! (this is not a full 5K length, but that was the course and what my Nike+Running App tracked)

I am looking forward to sharing my running adventures, with you y'all. I may not be the fastest, ever rank, but I am steady, and determined to find that finish line, and wheres the bling! To help me along the way I have decided to start this blog, to which I feel appropriately named A Tortoise on the Run.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let the Blogging Begin....

Yes I admit it I have been hooked for several months hunting for,  reading, and gaining inspiration by soo many blogs out there in about fitness, family, and healthier lifestyles. I've decided its time for me to join the band wagon. I hope this blog will help me on my fitness journey & improve my continuing weight struggles. Accountability is key for me so when I mess up or succeed it's going to be here plain as day.

 You are welcome to follow me in my adventures, I look forward your encouragements, opinions, and ideas along the way.