Friday, February 8, 2013

Week in Review _ Tackle the Miles Virtual Race

This week I got the opportunity to join my son's 5th grade class for their Outdoor School Program. This meant two days of ''survial'' LOL - actually really it was great learning about nature, science, and even included small hikes through out the retreat center. We were blessed with a slight drizzle in the morning which turned into a most beautiful days - couldn't have been better weather. Gotta love Texas for that..

Yes, here is my Boy being goofy with his fruit..
All seriousness now - time for some learning!

So with this aspect yes indeed not as many gym days and not as many miles, but thats OK.
You can see LOL little 'hikes' though out Thursday....
Last night I wanted to get something IN! So with friends we started out with Crossfit on the horizon. Unfortunately the class ended up being full - so  instead made the best of it and hit the next best option the gym! So huzzah! I tackled those miles virtual race instead! 3rd RACE for 13in2013 checked off, it felt great!
This week of challenges I was able to get in for plankadays

 Here's to hoping your week was fabulous!