Friday, February 22, 2013

Week's in Review

These past couple of weeks have gone by in a blur!

Here's my two weeks in review..

Cardio has been what it steady with my daily route ~

My lovely tiff was so fabulous on Saturday the 16th - what fun is the mind when it plays tricks on you and you can not recall for the life of you what your iphone password is  (sigh). So no Nike+ tracking - making the most of it I ended up working on a cycle machine instead. something is always bettering then nothing.

I even tried to have Siri unlock my phone -- she 'should' recognize my voice no?

eh no - cause of course I got frustrated and asked 'What are you good at?" She brought this up - seriously?!?

Finally at around the afternoon hours - the light bulb in my lovely noggin' finally went off and huzzah - an unlocked phone - and i quickly changed my password to something simpler...geeze.

So what else has kept my time at bay...

My boy has bridge from Cub Scout to a Boy Scout -

....hmmm maybe we should all be wary?

Completed my 4th Race in my #13in2013 path - on the treadmill - felt good; had to pause the app though a couple times with issues with the machine it self but i kept a very slow steady pace.

Finally I was able to partake in one Crossfit class; again adoozie!

Wanna try it? Tere is a sample of what we did.



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