Monday, February 4, 2013

Busy Busy Bee again...

Busy Busy Bee again - that's me!!

The month of January I finished with
32 runs with an average distance of 2.3 Miles
75.19 Miles Total Distance

Yep - best month so far!!

I am also happy to say that I did beat my 4% weight loss in the month of January; and even ended up winning double my contribution!!

It is soo funny how all of a sudden I was at the wire and going oh NO i am going to lose $10 if i don't kick myself in gear this last week!! Thank you to my hubby for letting my hit the gym - twice in one day!

Hey and if you want to check out the next round; there will be a total of four! Click Here! I am personally taking a break to adjust my routine slightly; and may be hitting this one up on the third round!

So what else happened in my workout world this past week -

Weight Training Routine consisted of -
  • Monday  - Arms
  • Tuesday - Legs (Quads/Hammies)
  • Wednesday - Core
  • Thursday - Shoulders
  • Friday - Tri's/Biceps
  • Saturday - Cross Fit & Pilates (two new aspects in one day!! Yikes!)

    My PlankaDays for the week 

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