Sunday, January 27, 2013

From a Tough Time... to.... Making it Work!

Prior to starting this blog I was having a tough time with my food control, and staying accountable to my actions - eating and fitness routines. I had gotten on a slump and figured oh I don't have to track my food anymore; I don't have to hit the elliptical or treadmill 'that' hard, I am maintaining and its OK!

Slowly but surely over those 6 months of not in full 'control' of myself I ended up gaining at the highest 20lbs! It was unbelievably stressful; what had I done how could I have let myself go so far? My actual goal weight was 16lbs below the top of the BMI chart so I was thankful that my Weight Watchers does allow you to change your 'goal' weight. They knew I was in a slump and I would be back on my two feet again soon enough.

So now lets fast forward January I am feeling more in control and stay on track of my weight...
  • I joined Run Your A$$ Off game to get back on track
  • Signed up for numerous 5K's - and still train-in-progress!
  • Started tracking my WW Points Plus
  • Started tracking my WW Activity Points, and using Nike+ with my running bestie!
  • This Blog! Being accountable as best as I can.
What finally been working for me??

5-6 Days a Week I am in the Gym --
20-30 minutes of weight training
30-45 minutes of cardio

Easy of Food selections for Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast/Post Workout Smoothie - Based on Protein Powder 4-6 Points Plus
(My favorite!)

Lunch - easy, quick to prepare and filling!
  • Veggie Burger with light Swiss Cheese
  • Handful of grape tomatoes
  • 1 Serving Popped Edamame Chips _ found them at Costco!

Points Plus for this meal - 8

Midday snack for me is Freshly made vegetable juice - 0 Points Plus!

This then allows me a crazy amount of - 17 Points Plus for dinner and possible light dessert. I can not tell you how this makes Family dinners less stressful and keeps me sane to decide 'what' can I or should I not have. I try to make sure to have 4 ounces of protein, vegetable and whole wheat carb, as a balanced meal.

Not everyone could handle eating the same Breakfast or Lunch but its what helps me greatly in my success in my past weight loss journey and again continues towards success so far in these last few weeks.

I am excited to say I am 10lbs away from my original goal weight and I feel awesome.

This week I have my final weigh in, now as of last Thursday I hit my 4% goal for the Run Your A$$ Off  challenge, I just need to maintain it OR beat it! :)

What challenges you or makes your challenges 'easier' to accomplish??

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