Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week in Review

Happy Weekend -

Week in Review time...

Please note; which I have been notorious for not doing in the past, these distances are either on an elliptical machine or walking intervals.

Planks -
Ended up only 4/7 days this week

Crossfit Saturday -

Needless to say my legs are on fire!!

For the remainder of March its looks as though signed up (accidently) for  two three 5k's  - whoa whoops! Since I have been really only working on Elliptical for training look like my body better be prepared for pavement!

Mar - Firefly Run 5K, Dallas TX*** (Mar 23)
Mar- St. Patrick's Day Virtual Race*** (Mar 15-22)
Mar - the jellybean Virtual Race*** (Mar20-31)

Maybe i'll tackle my Virtual Race tomorrow on St. Patricks Day...maybe if my legs are not sore from Crossfit today.

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