Sunday, March 24, 2013

FireFly 5K Dallas Race Recap

Saturday morning was looking pretty cold and drizzly!
So the rain had come down hard in the last 6 hours; and I awoke slowly to hearing that both my kids baseball and soccer games cancelled for the day due to storms and wet weather. I was a little bummed as this would have been my sons first baseball game of the season; and my daughter has been working hard at her goal keeping skills and I love watching both of them in action... well it will have to wait for another day.
Instead I then took advantage of sleeping in and enjoying the non-rushed aspects of the day, and focus on getting ready to run...

Yep rain was a possibility in the future again for the evening, so yes just like their FB post I and several of my friends that were going were keeping our fingers crossed for the rain to stay away!

I got my outfit all squared away - Newton Running shoes, KT Tape for my knee, Halo Headband, Swiftwick compression socks; B.A. Socks went over the top of those; Firefly goodies --what was missing from this photo was my Nike running long sleeved shirt and bright green Jacket that I decided to wear - it was going to be cold!
I arrived with my running possy as they had opened up parking. The show was starting at 8:30pm; and me being a lets just get their and relax kind of person; kindly convinced to car pool and get their by 6:15pm. And besides there was some great folks out there passing out goodies! WE love to hoard as many as we can get of course!
Sign Photo ops!
Yes, Yes we are B.A Momma's
Photo op of the running possy.
So now lets get our WARMTH and glow on baby!
Halo of Glow Sticks - CHECK!
Green thermal jacket-CHECK!
Number of Changes of Clothing - ahh I Lost count!
As you can now see one of my running friends Catie here has my White Nike Jacket underneath, Sarah is wearing her purple sweater, and yes my green jacket -- waiting to start this race umm yeah we were cold!
<oh and that brightness in the lower middle of the photo - armbands from Firefly>
 How fun right?!?
So after their light show we were off - sorry no photos my phone was locked and loaded in my armband to get a good opportunity. Granted it prob would not have come out right anyway.
Over the P.A. system I could hear a gal stating flat course and I got excited; maybe I'll PR with no hills! At 8:30pm and count down started and two lines of thousands of people converged around the bend and to the starting line. So for the first slow first tenth of a mile it just getting out of crowds and attempting to find a 'spot' to get myself in groove.
.25 miles - Music was keeping me going in my ears and I could finally get into a groove and not be as crowded.
.50 miles - OK finally in a groove and was keeping a 10'30'' pace feeling great!
1 mile - still going strong; one of my running buddies Sarah was next to me stating she was feel it in her calves - I'm sure from the cold weather; blerg or the slight hill we were upon - YES hill - flat course umm no not exactly.
1.4 miles - we both agreed and started walking to help her calves and I myself was feeling in in my left shin - which was new to me.
1.5 miles - we hit up running again.
1.75 miles - Yes my dreaded right knee - UGH it started to hurt I was devastated everything was feeling right and wham!
2.2 miles - I had to attempt to walk out the pain; I was so frustrated. By this time Sarah was well on her way ahead and another running pal TJ had caught up to me said a few condolences and he kept on :)
2.3 - 3.10 I was forcing myself to keep jogging as much as I could; take a few walking steps then hit it back up - Overall though I think I only ended up walking around .25-.35 miles of the entire course which was a PR for me!
3.17 miles - Finish Line! 37:43 11'52'' mil/pace 
 (shaved off a few seconds per mil from the HotCake Hustle)

Wholly geeze I was glad to be finished - what a crazy 'cheezee' i have going on here!

Post -Race - Catie and I getting our photo taken by other runners - Cross fitters even. Now to go find our posy and get some food!
OMHerd another Race for the year - CHECK! :)
Post-Post Race - oh yea next race on tap for this possy (and hopefully more)-

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