Monday, March 18, 2013

St.Patricks Virtual Race 5K

Waking up yesterday morning was painful! After Crossfit class and an extra Elliptical work out on Saturday I couldn't believe what I was attempting to talk myself into... my next Virtual Race.
Number 5 of my goal of 13 in 2013.

So at around 4:30pm I finally got the 'strength' to push forward and Gett'r done! Oh boy I will say this was one of the toughest I've experienced yet.
Mile 1: 12'35" pace
   and WHAM!
Mile 2: 14'13" pace
   I was overdressed two layers (thought it was cooler temps when i took off)
   Wind flow was against me
   My body was screaming from Crossfit soreness
Mile 3.1: 14'09" pace
   Pushing myself was just not in me unfortunately and my body was begging for the finish line - (home)
Ended up finishing in one of my slowest attempts but I completed it in 42:59 with an average pace of 13'51' /mi pace. Look at my face - ugly pain - ha ha.
Now that I've finished 4 Virtual' s... my thoughts are spinning. 
The good and bad side of Virtual Races for me, these are great when I have such a huge undertaking of 13 races this year. Helps with cost and I can adjust my running dates if something comes up. I've done these alone so the pieces that make it hard for me is there are No competition; No one running beside you or around you semi pushing you (whether I know them or not). I have several Virtual still on my list maybe i'll get some friends to tag along with me on the next one...
With my Races its such a different feeling running the Hotcake Hustle or Turkey Trot in Nov '12. I love having friends and even family around me - knowing that they are at the end waiting for me to finish and the pre/post festivities for the event. Its just an unbelievable experience.
Next 5K on my radar is actually this coming Saturday! - Firefly Run

I am looking forward to this; with a huge number of friends joining my running bestie and its going to be a blast!
Now if only my muscles will corporate - soon. :)

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