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Hi and Welcome to my Blog! I am Nicole (aka a tortoise on the run) and I am blogging from the great state of Texas....

Me and my running Best'e!

I started my blog as a dedicated document of my journey on becoming a runner, and to inspire others along the way...

So as I mention, I plan on making this about my adventures in running but occasionally I may sprinkle in a tad about my other loves/interests... healthy food finds, inspiring quotes, favorite workouts, and that I am the wife & mother to three crazy Green Bay Packer fanatics. Speaking of my joys in my life...my husband Ken, 10 year old son Hunter, and 8 year old daughter Mackenzie.They are my true inspiration to a healthier lifestyle in keeping body healthy and be a good role model.

Our first Family Packer Game - Lambeau Field - 10/28/2012

Starting this blog now, I sometimes wish I would have gotten the nitch to write sooner, it's been a rough road, as I'll share.

In my younger years I was always "chubby/overweight". I was constantly teased at young age for being overweight or always wearing black stretch pants. (Because they fit and I thought they made me look smaller; and I could not stand being in blue jeans). I had low self esteem, and no confidence. I enjoyed playing sports when I could, however I had a tough time when they involved heavy or fast running; I always seemed to fail or be disqualified. In 8th grade I was given a "C" in physical education because I could not complete running a mile. In 10th grade, I was asked to walk away from playing Volleyball because I could not run a mile in under 10 minutes. I found a sport that I could still enjoy - Golf, and no running. Attempting to stay as active as I could, though out middle school and high school I struggled with my weight completely and was around 145-160 pounds.

After High School, I met my husband, who is still to this day the most understanding, compassionate, and has been my main supporter in what ever I needed to accomplish my heath goals.

June 27, 1999

With the birth of my two beautiful children~

I was unfortunately the heaviest I've ever been at 265 pounds. The next five years I struggled with so many different weight loss plans, gimmicks, I lost count. I eventually found a plan that helped me lose 60 pounds however I was completely miserable. I had to eat on a different schedule then my family to which consisted of fat free food, no breads, no milk products, and absolutely no 'cheat meals.' Watching them eat per-say 'normal' food was sooo hard. So with much frustration, after 6 months my old food routines started showing up again. The tough part of my weight problems was always sensing that I was still eating OK, attempting to eat in portions, but the realty of selecting poor foods on too many occasions, my body just LOVE's to keep all of that goodness packed away, is the best way for me to explain it.

A crossroads~ as a 30 year Oregonian; though I love the breath-taking views and country sides, the overcast or raining nine month of the year, was taking a mental and physical toll on me, so with a heavy heart I moved my family to Texas for warmth & more sunshine.

After getting my family settled in Texas, I was pepped to kick it in to gear and make healthier decisions, as my  weight creeping up again around 215. As luck would have it, on the morning of April 11, 2009 I took a bad fall, crushing in my back bones L1 & L2, and not to mention breaking my coccyx. This lovely accident placed me in a recliner chair and heavy drugs for months....

With my back pain semi subsisting it was December 2009, and I was needless to say screaming inside to get moving and change my lifestyle. I joined 24 Hour Fitness to and then in March 2010, for an extra punch I joined Weight Watchers for the last time.

I started WW at 208 pounds and after many many weeks of hard work, dedication to general fitness, the support of the WWPoints/PointsPlus program, friendships and WW meetings. 366 days later I was able to obtain my goal weight of 139 pounds!!

My weights were 265  -  209  -  139
My goals now are focused still on keeping healthy, trying new fitness routines and now engulfing the art of running. I still struggle with keeping my weight with in a healthy BMI range, so I am positive that adding running to my lifestyle no matter how hard it will get, will be a key to keeping me healthy.

So whats with the blog name Tortoise? I do know that I not the fastest chick, I doubt I will ever be, but my goals are simple, slow and steady wins the race.

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