Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 My Year to "Keep Moving Foward"

A new year approaches and its time to set in motion a 'first' for me actually set and be accountable for my Goals and wished accomplishments.

2013 Motto ~ Keep Moving Forward

So today I am sharing my 2013 Running Goals~ Lucky 13, as they say?

This year I am challenging myself to participate in 13 5K's though out this year. 13 in 2013 Challenge!
Below I am marking them down and I'll be updating my Races & Results tab as each race pass or a change in the race outlined.

1. Jan -  Hotcake Hustle 5K, Dallas TX*
2. Feb - Texas Half 5K, Dallas Tx**
3. Mar - Firefly Run 5K, Dallas TX**
4. Apr - The Color Run, Dallas TX**
4. April - 5KFoamfest, Dallas TX**
5. May - Open
6. Jun - Run for your Lives 5K, South Forney, TX** 
7. Jul - To Hot to Handle, Dallas TX**
8. Aug - The Hottest Half 10K, Dallas TX** (maybe, it gets HOT in TX!)
9. Sept - Open
10.Oct - Open
11. Nov - Turkey Trot, Double Oak TX**
12. Dec - Open
13. Open

**Tentative/Need to Register.

If anyone else wants to join in the challenge you could even win some great prizes along the way! Check this page out. (note must sign up before 12/31/2012).

Up next 13 Goals for 2013...