Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas and what the day after brings...

The children are all tucked into bed and I get to settle down and reminisce over the last 48 hours....

First off I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas Day with family.

Ours was an adventure-

Santa came indeed.. selecting several bites of our favorite cookies and drinking all of his milk.

The kids where more then excited to get down these stairs!

And the unwrapped with glee....

Expressions of craziness filled the morning cheer...

The snow fairy came after sending away lighting and thunder storm boys playing from earlier in the day.... Creating a light White Christmas glow...

It was a most magical day for our family...

The Day After Christmas...
So this morning with the light snow upon the ground and all the rain from earlier in the day it was quite icy out there to venture out to the gym and burn off those much needed caloric intake from the day before....

So instead of staying on my normal gym routine I stayed home while the kids played in the snow/ice for a bit and then enjoyed playing with new presents and card games during the early afternoon.

Now by 2:00pm the ice was mostly gone from the neighborhood streets, (another reason why I like living here, we may have snow or ice once a year, and the roads clear up quickly once the sun shines down) and I was itching to get out to the gym. After an hour of prepping and getting my gym buddy/kick my tookas in gear lady, it was time to get busy and burn some calories..

Todays battle "LEGS" Obstacle course craziness!
Superset - 3 times
15 - Squats (weighted)
Lunges across the room (weighted)
15 - Toss then catch the weighted ball in a squat position
15 - Kettle ball through the legs squat
15 - Dead Lifts (weighted)
10 - Trap Lifts (weighted)
15 - Pushups
30 sec to 1 min plank #plankaday!

REST 1 -2 mins and start again...

Leg Extensions-to-the-death!
Starting at a heavy weight as many as possible, next rep lower 20 lbs and complete as many as possible, next rep lower again and repeat. (my legs where JELLO!)

Stretching (ahhh yes) for about 10-15 mins

Finally hit the Elliptical machine
32 minutes completing 2.75 miles.

Total time at the gym was 2+ hours. My legs already feel like I'll be wobbling down the stairs! LOL

Tomorrow I plan on (legs barring) getting in during my normal morning hours, maybe just come cardio like Elliptical machine again since its not as tough on my knees.

I leave you with this cute new photo of our new kittens playing today in our 'fake' Christmas Tree - yep they are adorable... :)


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  1. It ws a great Christmas and I'm so proud of you for keeping things going over the holidays. Great Job!