Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two resting days....

Having to take the last two days off from cardio has been rough, my body is attempting to recover from a 'tough' leg work out from about 5 days ago! So instead I've been focused as you've read, on posting goals for 2013 and new challenges to be apart of. I have also been meeting and finding new and interesting bloggers to connect with. I also just today decided to kick it completely in to gear and join in -  
Run Your A$$ Off - "A friendly competition meant to inspire, drive & motivate.”
Soo with all these 'challenges' on my plate (ha) I do hope that tomorrow morning I can at least get on the treadmill or elliptical for 2-3 miles (last effort of 2012). Completing then 75+ miles in December, and 145 (since restarting to use Nike+ app on my phone - September 2012). Granted my efforts will be slow and steady so that I do not cause more harm to my legs, but hey something is better then none, right?
My first run of the 2013 Hotcake Hustle, is only 13 days away and I am excited and praying that by then  these muscle pain/issues will be relieved by then! I have two great friends and our kids going so it will be so much fun for all! Looking forward to even seeing and meeting new fellow runners that are apart of the #13in2013 group members too!
Lastly -
This past week  I started keeping track of  my #plankadays for accountability here we go :)



  1. Love your plank a day!! Is that an app you use to time yourself?

    1. Hi Deb! Happy New Year! This is me playing w my snapshots of my stopwatch from my phone. I'm using a photo program to add a background. Now I have heard there are other programs/phone apps like pic+frame. I wanted more variety on making my own backgrounds

  2. Great job on those planks! Good luck with the challenge!!!