Sunday, December 2, 2012

Running Inspriation

Today has been full of inspiration...

Several close friends participated in marathons this weekend, I am beyond amazed with their determination and ability to complete such a huge undertaking. I am no way near running anything near that distance, but their posts are a definite motivation.

Indeed I continue in my journey in small baby steps.

My running best'e always amazes me with her great finishes; I may be 10 minutes behind her but I know at the end she'll be right there waiting to cheer me on. :)

With the option to see flash results it was amazing seeing how my good friend was doing during the California International Marathon.

Another friend was kind enough to make sure I knew all about the end of that really long rainbow was BLING!

Someday - maybe someday...

So what did I end up doing today with friends running their hearts out?
 It was a little different being away from my home gym in Texas, but after a few minutes and checking out the 3 floors of gym equipment I found my favorite pieces and got right to work. My combination was hitting arm work super sets for 30 minutes, with a 3.25 mile run/walk and finally relaxing, stretching out my legs in the sauna.

After the clean up work, I spent the afternoon with a bunch of crazy Packer Fans; which is experience in it self. LOL (A Green Bay Packer Fan by marriage but have taken the responsibility full on).
Hit the shopping experience traveling around town to find my protein powders - was not in such luck but did find individual packets of Vega One to try this week. Then the joys of a favorite store that I don't have locally - Trader Joe's. Always interesting finds.

And just for the fun of it  to share my "yesterdays" photo of the day - at the Oregon Coast.


  1. I love the pic from the coast. I told you that you'd keep getting after it. Proud of you!