Saturday, December 22, 2012

Where in the World....

WOW what in the world has been going on? I have been so ridiculously busy these past few weeks its not funny. I have not been the best 'here' - not good!

Working, Traveling, Kids, Family, trying to just stay a float! (I'm sure we've all done that and have been there).

I keep yelling at myself that no matter what is going on I've got to get back on track. HA! sure sure now with the holiday season right smack in our faces its been a grueling task.

Being too tired to lets find quick fixes or go out to eat (not the healthiest options)
  • Not getting in 7-8 hours of sleep - takes a toll on me
  • New Family members in the house (will show you below)...
  • Changes in the 'normal' routines with family members inbound, and kids home from school - don't get me wrong its a fabulous family time - just hard to keep on track.
I do not care of the little voice in my head 'oh don't worry on January 1st I'll get back on track.' Honestly it never really works, no matter what I need to stay accountable for my actions of staying healthy. I've been a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member since March of 2011; its funny how once you get there it 'should' be easier right? No way no how, in some respects I feel like its even harder to make sure that I am with in 2lbs of my goal weight so that I keep my membership benefits.  Life has a lovely way of impacting and getting in the way, making it harder.

Now about the only thing I have been able to keep on track has been my work out routines--
Dailymile tracking December 8th - December 21st -
(yes this site rocks you can even befriend others to help stay accountable!)

ooo and on another 'run' note I at least got an opportunity to again sign myself, friends and kids up for our next 5k & Fun runs --

I can not wait to pound the pavement again with my kids and friends... at The Hotcake Hustle. WHO doesn't want Hotcakes after a nice run, (wait don't ask my son though he just said 'no').

This time we've added more kids and friends which will make it even better!!

Alright Back ON Track - here I come....

Yes as promised 'our' new additions to the family - oh so cute they are....

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