Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last Day of Vacation & Weekend bonuses...

The last day of my two week vacation is upon me.... back to will be back to school, I will be back in full swing at my 'regular' job.

All will be well though I do enjoy the consistent routines, getting up at the same time everyday,  kids off to school,  my workout in, then starting on work projects. During this vacation I've caught myself getting up later in the day, then my 'normal' per say schedule and it actually throws me off for the day.

I know this new year means new projects to fulfill and more work related stress; I am confident this time around with my hub n kids, my healthy goals, my running bestie, our 'new' running clan starting up, new inspiring #sweatpink, #13in2013 fitness twitter friends, and positive environment I can move forward positivity! (if I have forgotten anyone I apologize in advance!)

 Weekend Workout in review -
Saturday--Gym time
3.75 miles
Time 42:14
Average Pace - 11'15"/mil
40.5 #plankaday

Sunday BONUS -- Walking w my running bestie
42 deg. chilly morning (getting ready for our 5K)
3.78 miles
Time 1:07:09
Average Pace - 17'45'/mil
45.0 #plankaday

Extra Extra bonus!
I have the privilege to work for a company that allows me to work remotely and with the new year I decided to move around furniture placement in my office room. This project did not turn out to be a light task as there where numerous pieces moving out (which meant 14 steps downstairs and upstairs, 20 times at least), those pieces staying where lifted and or slid around the room - oh so much fun and a good workout for some odd 2 hours!

 Sitting here right now writing this post; the feel of the room is pleasant and comfortable for now just needs a new coat of paint on the walls - (currently pink and purple as it was my daughters old room). Now starting a room painting project at 2:00pm wasn't in the cards today. Additionally I now have a nice corner to start my wall 'o bling, I mean running achievements. :)

My daughters princess wall banner has been removed, (hence you see the slacking of straight lines). Isn't this such a lovely 'working environment' of colors (HA!). Sooo not professionally done at all - it was called painting in 90 degree temp. house. I just wanted to gitt'er done and the 'banner' covered the errors. So now this room is looking forward to a coat of killz and new calming fresh color.(someday soon)
Other awesomeness -
I'm not 100% but if this is still open to new participants - GET ON THE BAND WAGON! #30DayHomies 
Check out what I have coming in the mail soon!
Sweet huh!
A Big Thank you to the following lovely ladies putting this challenge on!!
Sarah from How my world runs 

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