Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I've seen a few bloggers such as RunningwhileMommy, and Livin The Fit Life showcasing their life in numbers so far... so why not here's mine...

My Life In Numbers
35– the number of years I’ve been on this earth
99 – number I hope to see on my birthday cake one day
1995 – the year I graduated from high school
2001 – the year I graduated East West College of the Healing Arts, Oregon.
30 – number of years I’ve lived in Oregon
5 - number of years I've lived in Texas
2 – number of states I’ve lived in (OR,TX)
1 – number of times I’ve been married
13 – number of years I’ve been married
15 – number of years we have been together
2 – number of children I have
1 – number of dogs I currently have
2 – number of cats I currently have
1 – number of siblings I have
10 minutes – approximate number of hours to drive to my parents house
8 – number of hours of sleep I get per night
3 - number of years I've been a member of 24 Hour Fitness
5 - average number of times a week I am at 24 Hour Fitness
1 - average number of hours my fitness workout is for
221.78 - Miles tracked with my Nike+ App
16'13" - Average Pace Tracked - Nike+ App
59:57:25 - Total Hours Tracked - Nike+ App
21,294 - Calories Burned Tracked - Nike+ App
3 - number of years I've been supported by Weight Watchers, for the last time
4 - number of times I've joined Weight Watchers
2 - number of years I've been a WW LifeTime Member
110 - Total number of pounds lost to my goal weight
92 - Total lost in inches
2011 – The year I started running
2 - number of 5K races I've run
36:23 - 1st race time
0 - number of 10K races I've run
0 – number of half marathon races I’ve run
2 – number of running/workout shoes I’ve bought in the past year
1 – number of months I’ve been blogging
1 – how many blogs have you started

Well there you go, number o' fun.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with successful and exciting adventures along the way!


  1. Glad you joined in:) Wow 92 inches lost! Amazing! Way to go:)