Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week in Review & Accountablity

Since going back to work and all other kids after school functions in full swing, my scheduling is allowing me the best opportunity to write will be during the evening hours.

Tomorrow night I am planning on getting shut eyed early
for my first group 5K race is Saturday morning!.

So tonight I provide you my quick work out week in review... I've gotten in 10.31 miles in,and tally in January is 31 miles.

Tomorrow as I mentioned I might be taking it a tad slower at the gym, maybe working on my arms in the weight training area, and no or very light cardio (e gad!). I think it is for the best, I am not an expert at this but there is usually a rest day right be fore your next 'big' race?


Tonight marked my first Weight Watchers meeting of the year, and I am proud to say that I was with in my current goal weight. Tonight's topic was about fruits and vegetables and how to incorporate more in your eating habits. It got me thinking that since the begin of this year I actually "was" subconsciously eating more fruits and vegetables to my food selections. I started juicing again (I had quit this practice about 6 months ago), and then incorporating a vegetable or fruit with every meal or snack. How or why?? Maybe I just felt the give my body the appropriate nutrients for such stressful conditions like running? If you take a gander at my About Me page, you'll see and as I've mentioned before I have NEVER been a runner; and now ha, I am training and I am excited about pushing myself. So sure I have been getting in the cardio and strengthen in but by eating correctly, I know I did everything I could to fuel my body to tackle my running goals. Now to only get back on Tracking my food, I feel off the bandwagon hard on this one, (Not a great Lifetime member role model at the moment) and it has been a mental block for me that I have to break though. I have the 'time' to take a photo of what I have in front of me, or write it down - to then count out the Points Plus maybe later to show me my remaining balance for my day, I just 'have' to get back in the groove and be accountable to me and what I am placing in my mouth.
What keeps you accountable towards your goals? Do you track your exercise routines or daily food intake? If so what are your favorite programs or tools you use to help you in your journey?

Planning on taking photos of course on Saturday, which I'll be posting and you can follow on my FB Page hope you'll come check them out.

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