Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick post about this weeks workout...

Seriously I don't think I have had any moments to breathe and sit down to write on this blog so apologies to my followers for the lack of communications this week.

For this very moment I have time to share with you my week workout view, later this evening I plan on connecting with ya'll again :)

Monday I was in the gym  got in a leg work out, however ended up chatting with a friend a little longer then I should have so whoops I ran out of time to hit the treadmills
(oh well it happens to the best of us right; and I made up for it this weekend)

Plankaday I am soo excited to be hitting 1 minute durations!!

Alrighty I have to head off to weekly grocery shopping adventures, Costco and Vitamin Shoppe are in my very near future... once my day finally allows me to sit down and get all my thoughts out straight I hope to be posting again tonight some thing new as promised..

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